About Stephan Schoenig

Stephan started his career as an IT professional in 1996. In 2011, having been diagnosed with a chronic health condition that causes pain and disability, he started to learn mindfulness as a skill to enjoy the present moment more and welcome life changes, whether good or bad, with open arms.  Not only did mindfulness change his life for the better, it made his relationship to work more fulfilling.  Indeed, emerging research shows that mindfulness training in the workplace helps employees and companies become more resilient and competitive.

Excited by this prospect, Stephan started studying for a Masters in Mindfulness-Based Approaches at the University of Bangor in Wales, UK, to understand the science better and bring mindfulness to his workplace. Now, in addition to his day job, Stephan teaches mindfulness to a variety of populations. He finds great satisfaction as participants discover more helpful ways of living everyday events and increase their enjoyment of life both at home and at work.

Stephan would be happy to discuss with you how to embed mindfulness into your everyday life.  Email Stephan by clicking here.

About Thong Gornpet

Thong was born in Thailand and is a natural mindful person!  He is the contributor of all the fantastic photos and graphics of this site and you can find more of his art on his website.