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The best way to learn mindfulness skills is to join a course.  Our courses are based on MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) developed by Jon-Kabat Zinn and MBCT (Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy), the two most widely known and accepted mindfulness courses.


Not sure if a course is right for you?  Why not join one of our taster sessions, you will learn what mindfulness is and is not and try out a few mindfulness practices for yourself.

Tailored Services

When your are looking at mindfulness training in a specific format, for examples you might be considering offering mindfulness at your workplace or would like to have a course at home for the whole family, we will be happy to discuss your requirement and a proposal with you.

Registration to our January 2021 mindfulness course is now OPEN!

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What our participants say

This mindfulness course gives you a different view on the world around you.  It gives you a different attitude towards the world you live in.  It’s intellectually challenging and physically relaxing.  It helps get your mind away from such a busy world.  I highly suggest this course for people of my age.

Sébastien (15 years of age)

Stephan has a rare tallent: he blends outstanding skills, amazing compassion and listening abilities.  He brought to us in less than 3 months a lot of actionable and relevant techniques that became part of our lives.  I couldn’t have gone through the many changes in my life in the same positive way without him.  Thank you very much Stephan.

Laurent K.

During my mindfulness course with Stephan I have learned many different easy ways to increase my mindfulness and my well-being.  It has been a very insightful course that has helped me to realise the positive impact of meditation.  Stephan has been extremely understanding and supportive.  A great experience.

Dominique K.

Stephan’s mindfulness course provides the support and real-life framing for discovering and maintaining your mind’s innate focus and calm.

Jules, 21 years old

This course allowed me to gain a completely new perspective on many aspects of daily life.  It is rewarding on a personal level and can change your outlook completely.

Beate T.

Mindfulness is a practice that everyone is talking about these days.

The course is a way to bring awareness of things and moments you normally ignore with the busy life we all have.

It’s a great way to ease your mind.

Marisol N.

I enjoyed this mindfulness class very much.  I gained knowledge of relaxing, calming emotions and self-confidence.  I was very satisfied to have followed this mindfulness class.


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Making Practice a Habit

I decided to inaugurate this site with some thoughts on how to make “Practice a Habit”, which is one of the aims that we start to establish early on in a mindfulness course.  Regular mindfulness practice is core to re-wiring our brains so that unhelpful habits are replaced by more helpful ones and we see positive changes in our life on a long-term basis.  However, there is little guidance in the mindfulness literature on how to establish a strong daily practice.  For example, Jon Kabat-Zinn [2] says: We have to make the time to practice and that does take some […]

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Our passion is to equip our participants with mindfulness skills to flourish in their lives.  And doing so with integrity and solid professional training.

We have trained at Bangor University and adhere to the Good practice guidelines of the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teachers.

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